May 12, 2009

About Renee

Photography: It’s life. It’s a passion. It’s an outlet. It’s fun.

The start of photography in my life was simple – I love capturing photos. It all started with a heavy, metal 35mm camera and a darkroom processing film and waiting for the black and white image to magically appear on the paper. An exciting feeling to those who have felt it. A true art, demanding a lot of patience.

As the digital world of cameras arrived, I have to admit I was skeptical and ignored the new technology, at first. Then came mega-pixel after mega-pixel of amazing equipment, which I could no longer deny. I bought my first digital SLR, and have fallen in love with photography all over again. Like the excitement I found in watching a photo emerge in a chemical bath, I now find the same excitement in taking an endless amount of photos. It’s exhilarating to try new poses, exposures and angles, knowing that I am not limited to 24 frames of film. From formal to playful, traditional and modern, I love all kinds of different photos and simply enjoy capturing emotion into a single frame.

I still enjoy the post processing part of photography as well, even though it’s far beyond a darkroom. Now I am able to incorporate my computer design skills into my passion of photography – a match made in heaven for me.

Beyond my personal love for photography, I found that friends, family and people I didn’t even know recognized my photos and began asking me to take pictures of them – and that’s really how this journey began.

So, in this blog-world I hope to share with you this fun path of photography that God is taking me on. I will not only share my pictures and personal journey, but tips and tricks that I continue to learn.

Thanks and God bless,

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